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Download free drum samples
for electronic music production.

DS 1000

Drum sample pack with 1,000 one-shot wav files in a 20mb zip folder for faster downloading. Sound design from about 2006 - 2010.

download [zip]

*This file is now hosted off-site at MediaFire.

total: 1,000 wav files
size: 20mb zip folder

I made most of the sounds to be about 200th - 300th of a second so the zip size would be smaller.

List of what's in the download.

ds 200 Bass Drums
ds 200 Kick Drums
ds 200 Snare Drums
ds 200 Distorted Drums
ds 100 Hi-Hats
ds 100 ...more


Updated the site with some technical info about the wav sounds and download size of the zip folder.

If you have a blog tell other people about this download, thank you.

Some Other stuff...

Into hardware? Then you might want to read this webpage at Cornell University (School of Electrical & Computer Engineering) about a project building a step sequencer drum machine.

Also, checkout this project for (CS193C) Client-Side Internet Technologies at Stanford University, it's a web browser drum machine that works in Firefox, Chrome and Safari, but not IE.

Both use some sounds from the DS1000 zip dl from this site.


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